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You Ask We Respond

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This new website has been constructed to give the residents of Oak Creek Fire Protection District better access to the information and services that our fire district have to offer. It is the goal of this fire district to provide the best possible service we can with the money earned from the taxes collected from the district.

We love to hear from the residents of the Oak Creek Fire Protection District. We have provided a way for you to contact us with questions, concerns, ideas, or just general comments. You can choose who your submission is sent to (i.e. administration, the fire chief, or the board of directors).

Our goal always is to be transparent and to provide informative responses to the questions asked. You will receive a response back to questions. Depending on the type and sensitivity of the question answers may be in the form of an email, web posting, or directed to the board of directors which will be discussed at the next scheduled board meeting.

Please keep in mind that all submissions will be considered public information. So please be careful not to disclose personnel information that you do not want made public.

I will use input from you as topics for this blog, so check back here often for the latest news and information from Oak Creek Fire Protection.

~Chief Brady Glauthier