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Board Members

Board of Directors Information

Board of Directors Summary

The Board is the general governing body of the OCFPD, which oversees all aspects of the District and carries out the business of the District in public meetings. To qualify as a board member of OCFPD, a person must be an “eligible elector” which is defined as a registered voter of Colorado and either: 1. A resident of the OCFPD, or 2. The owner (or the spouse or civil union partner of the owner) of a taxable real or personal property situated in OCFPD. There are five seats on OCFPD’s Board of Directors.

Directors are limited to two consecutive terms of office, unless the voters of the District lengthen, shorten, or eliminate that limitation. The term-limited elected official cannot run again for election to the same body by moving to a new director district, redistricting, or a change in the at-large or specific District nature of the seat currently occupied. Term limits apply only to elected four-year terms (or three-year terms if elected in 2020 or 2022). Term limits do not apply to interim terms that arise due to vacancy or to elected two-year terms (or one-year term if elected in 2022) that are created due to a vacancy.

 Current Board Members

The list of the current board of Directors for the Oak Creek Fire Protection District: