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Address Sign Requirements

All properties that obtain a building permit (for new or existing structures) within the Oak Creek Fire Protection District will require the following for property address signage:

Residential Address numbers shall be displayed clearly from the road at all times.  Consideration should be made regarding visibility to seasonal changes, landscaping, daylight, and nighttime lighting.  For buildings which are not visible from the street or located more than 50 feet from the shoulder or curb of the street, address characters shall be affixed to a free-standing sign or post located adjacent to the road on which the property is located.  This sign or post shall be located 25 feet or less from the shoulder or curb of the road at the point of access.  The post shall be a minimum of five (5) feet in height from the ground and not to exceed seven (7) feet in height.  The post must installation must be permanent and able to withstand weather.

Numbers may be placed vertically and read from top to bottom is a post is used, or the numbers may be placed horizontally on the sign affixed to the post.  If a driveway has more than one fork in the road an additional address sign must be erected identifying the proper direction of travel to the residence.

The address sign (which the numbers must be affixed to) must be constructed of aluminum with a reflective vinyl covering.  The covering must be either reflective blue, brown, or green in color.

All address numbers shall be white reflective vinyl and be at least 4” in height.

If multiple residence share a driveway then the entrance to the driveway must have an address sign for all addressed residences on that driveway.  Then at each entrance to each home along the driveway an additional address sign must be posted to identify that residence.